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Devin & Company is an international sourcing/trading company located in Seoul, South Korea. We take pride in our specialty: the ability to source the best product at the best price and deliver it to you on time. We are quick, efficient, reliable and competitive.

Our goal is to partner with our clients and build strong relationships and networks that are mutually beneficial and help to drive your business forward. We can perform specific functions such as buying office space instead of your company doing so in order to procure competitive products in Korea. We do so by searching suppliers with powerful databases, conducting supplier audits, getting the best quotations, following up with orders and enacting quality inspections.

Our current network includes various channels throughout the world but is continually expanding. We now have cooperating companies in the Netherlands, U.S.A, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Vietnam and Malaysia and are still growing.

Several years of experience in sourcing, supplier management, and trade with accredited multinational companies has proven that we are able to provide your company with the most efficient way to achieve your business goals. Additionally, we can help introduce your products to the market in Korea by providing information for the best customers as well as acting as an agent for you company. With our help you can promote goods and technologies from promising small and medium-sized companies.

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  • 2020.06
    <Business> LUVA-airpurifier sales representative dealer
  • 2020.06
    <COVID-19 Business> Hand sanitizer, Oximeter, Contactless thermometer
  • 2020.05
    <COVID-19 Business> Protect cloth - KEEPERS, STUMP
  • 2020.05
    <COVID-19 Business> Copper film - Dr. CU, Clean CU
  • 2020.04
    <Business> SAAB defense business partner
  • 2020.03
    <COVID-19 Business> Diagnostic kit - PCR,RAPID both type (more than 10 brands)
  • 2019.10
    <Business> Establish Online shopping mall - AlboutU
  • 2019.08
    <Distribution> Korean beauty mask pack - Secriss
  • 2019.05
    <Business> Membership in Overseas Korean Traders Associations(OKTA)
  • 2019.04
    <Distribution> Gastro cooler launching in Korea
  • 2019.03
    <Distribution> HUNTER pet accessories launching in Korea
  • 2019.02
    <Business> Established E-commerce company
  • 2018.02
    <Distribution> Exclusive sales right from ASKIN Mask pack for China market
  • 2018.02
    <Cooperation>importing "gear box" from Italy to Korea
  • 2017.09
    <Searching Agents> 28 distribution conclusion of a contracts in 17 EU courtiers b/w Korea and EU
  • 2017.05
    <Export> Agent business for J.K International ( TOP seller in internet shopping mall in Korea)
  • 2017.03
    <Distribution> Exclusive sales right from Square bottle (U.S.A) for Korean market
  • 2016.06
    <Searching Agents> Business Matching companies b/w Korea and EU
  • 2015.11
    <Marketing service> Products related to fiber optic networks
  • 2015.05
    <Export> Agentcy business for J.K International
  • 2015.03
    <Technical Support> Between MS tech in Korea and Stella in Germany
  • 2015.02
    <Cooperation> Quattro Solution for Japan market
  • 2015.01
    <Cooperation> Q4 Solution for extention business networks
  • 2014.11
    Established New Branch (the Czech Republic)
  • 2014.06
    <Import> Ecosoya Wax from Nature Gifts International with Distributorship
    <Import> Fragrance from Famous fragrance company in U.S.A
    <Import> Wooden wick from Dream Wick in U.S.A
  • 2014.05
    <Import> Square bottle to Korea with Exclusivity
  • 2014.03
    <Import> Kelp Caviar to Korea
  • 2013.12
    Starting "Importing Service" from U.S.A and Canada
  • 2013.08
    <Starting>Malaysia business matching up
    <Starting >Marine Plant business
  • 2013.03
    <Technical Support> SABB, Shinsung Youl Yeon, etc
  • 2012.03
    Established New Branch聽(Japan)
  • 2011.03
    Established New Branch聽(Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam)
  • 2010.09
    Launched D&C Korean Office
  • 2008.10
    <Export> Appointed by KOIC(Korea Interior Industry Cooperative)
  • 2007.08
    <Export> Pronunciation Program developed by Indiana University(China and Japan)
  • 2006.09
    <Consulting> ?楤usiness聽Start Up??for Association of Korean Residents, Indiana
  • 2005.01
    <Consulting> ?楤usiness Start Up??for Association of Korean Residents, Virginia
  • 2004.06
    Established US branch of KII & D International




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Beauty Treatment

Food & Health

Women Apparel

Chemical products
& Petrochemistry product


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